A Cook's Delight- 10 jars 1oz size of Honey and Spices

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This box includes: 1 oz jars of each: C&J Farms Vanilla Bean Honey, C&J Farms Pecan Honey, C&J Farms Cinnamon Honey, C&J Farms Chocolate Honey, C&J Farms Jalapeno Honey, C&J Farms Garlic & Herb Seasoning ( sea salted), C&J Farms Applewood/Jalapeno Seasoning ( sea salted), C&J Farms Dry Ranch Seasoning ( sea salted), C&J Farms Olive Oil Dipping Blend (unsalted) , C&J Farms Scarborough Fair Blend(unsalted)


This unique gift is perfect for anyone who loves both seasonings and honeys!  This is the absolute idea set to transform any regular meal, into restaurant quality meal! Something your family, friends and guest will love! It's also the perfect gift to keep for yourself. A little bit of everything, in small sizes are just what you need to sample and figure out which seasonings & honeys you love & use the most!
Please Be Advised, food prepared at C&J Farms may contain these ingredients: Milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, and tree nuts.