Tagliolini Pasta with Truffle

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Gourmet Italian truffle tagliolini - handmade Italian pasta with durum wheat semolina (including the wheat germ which naturally contains vitamin a, d, e, and vegetable protein). Made from all-natural ingredients, flavored with real truffles, no GMO's real black truffle - Morelli summer truffle pasta contains high quality, locally sourced, all-natural ingredients. Healthy - high in protein, Morelli's truffle pasta is made with durum wheat which is high in protein, making this heirloom pasta from Italy a great way to get more protein into your day and stay full for a longer. Serving suggestion - best served with a touch of olive oil or butter, sage, and parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Also goes well with carbonara sauce. Tagliolini is a bit thinner than tagliatelle pasta and very similar to fettuccine in width. Made in Italy - authentic tagliolini noodles made in the ancient Morelli pasta factory since 1860. This Italian egg truffle pasta is made in small batches to ensure high quality.