Dried Sea Moss

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Excellent Culinary Value

It provides excellent culinary value and works especially well as a vegan thickener or emulsifier, taking the place of eggs and gelatin. You can make ice cream and non-dairy cheese.

Use for a number of dishes: Adds a smooth consistency to smoothies and juices. Creates mousse like texture in desserts. Thickens sauces and soups.

Please follow the instructions on the packaging for optimal results.

Great for your body

Irish Moss is an excellent source of nutrients that's loaded with Potassium, Calcium, Iodine and Natural Vitamins A, B, C, D, E & K. 90 of the 102 natural minerals that the body needs aiding in a healthy immune system. Great for hair and skin.

Boost your Immune System

Irish moss is a source of potassium chloride, a nutrient which helps to dissolve catarrhs, (inflammation and phlegm in the mucous membranes), which causes chesty and nasal congestion. It also contains natural compounds which help to get rid of infections. Other conditions that Irish moss is said to help with includes:

- Sore throat

- Pneumonia

- Chest coughs

- Natural Anti-Inflammatory

- Soothing the digestive system

- Alleviating acid reflux and stomach ulcers

- Helping to maintain red blood cells (Which is great for anaemia)

- Providing over 90 of the 102 minerals needed in the body

- Aiding in a healthy immune system.

- Acting as a mild laxative to keep things regular.

- Being great for the skin and skin conditions.