Bayou Phantom- Ghost Chile Cajun Rub

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Creole cooking brings the heat with the intense flavor of the ghost chili, rounded out with pecan smoked sea salt, sweet paprika, and choice herbs which finishes this delicious Cajun seasoning. This spice blend is great for all things seafood, as well as chicken, rice dishes, and anywhere else you need some fire! 

This can be used as a fantastic blackening spice for fish of all varieties! Sprinkle this blend generously on some well buttered corn on the cob. For a classic creole barbeque, don't be afraid to season your ribs, chicken wings, or other items destined for the grill with a good dose of Bayou Phantom, paella, etouffee, gumbo, jambalaya... Another great idea is using Bayou Phantom in a crab, crawfish, or shrimp boil